jueves, 23 de agosto de 2012

The Two Worlds I am Living in.....

Ok, now I have to tell you a little story, how I spent my day yesterday, because it was really, but really special to me. The difference between the two worlds I am living in, can't be bigger.

And I will tell it to you only in English, because, forgive me, I am too lazy to translate that much. So, I hope all of you will understand.

Well, before  I was writing my story of buying my super silver shoes in the super chic center of Munich, I rescued a sloth from shure death of beeing overruned by cars. We saw it, we stopped in the middle of the road, a lot of cars behind us who also had to stop suddenly, I jumped out of the car and made with my hands a sign to a huge truck to slow down (well, that was more stupid than brave..) and I grabed the sloth and put it into the car.

Do you know sloths? Do you know how strong they are? If they grab something you don't like them too, there is now way, you get them to leave it. So I did hold him with my extended arms, because I did not want it to reach me or any other thing in the car. Mario, fast as he could, drove down to the river and by the time we got there, the little strong thing made a little nice hole in my new VICTORINOX  (that's from the other world I am living in) backpack. Because my arms got tired, slowly but shurely he went down to the seat and I gave him my backpack because I did not want him to grab the neck of my husband Mario. Well, this hole will remind me forever on this day.

We set it  free in a tree and of we went. Shurely it's happy now.

In the afternoon I wrote my little story of my fancy silver sandals  entering in my other world, reading some posts of Garance, Scott and other bloggers...
and  at night I was invited by a good friend to celebrate her birthday. In fact, she is the lady who is organizing with me the sewing of the clothes of Clea Tarmon.
She lives like me, outside of Santa Cruz, streets are no more asphalted, live is simple. To celebrate, one needs only some plastic tables and chairs, some glasses at the table and typical food like spicy chicken in this case (very, very yummy).

And a homemade drink, who's name I can't remember, but it's made of milk, alcohol, egg and sugar, served out of a 2 ltr. plastic Spritebottle  and is very strong (!!!!!!!)

And now it comes. It is served in one glass for everybody. This means, the person at your side drinks the whole glass, filles it up, reaches to you (in that case, meeee) and now it's your (in that case, my) turn, you drink the whole glass, fill it up again and reach it to the next person who is drinking also from the same glass.........................

The only thing I could hope was, that the alcohol was so strong that it killed each and every germ existing in and around that glass!


Yes, and you know what, I like that live. It keeps me on the ground. It makes me not to want everything I see (weeeelllllll nearly) and keeps live a little bit more simple.

I like that.
What do you think?
Can you imagine yourself living like that?

What are your dreams of living?

I leave you today with that, I am tired, I go to bed.

Chau, chau, besos from Santa Cruz

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  1. I loved this story. It is sweet, entertaining and hilarious – especially the part about you not wanting the sloth to grab your husband’s neck. Being that I live in Chicago, the only place I could possibly run into a sloth is at a zoo, makes this story very intriguing!

  2. Hola JB, thank you a lot! I am really happy that you liked it and that you where letting me know it. Thanks again!